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"Capturing the Wild: How I Turned my Toyota 4Runner into the Ultimate Overlanding Photography Rig"

For me, the journey into the world of overlanding began with my love for photography. The desire to capture stunning shots in the wilderness led me to seek a solution that would take me farther and deeper into the great outdoors. Enter the Toyota 4Runner – a reliable companion that would become the canvas for my overlanding dreams.

Now Overlanding has been around for decades, and many might say the Australians started it with the vast amount of land to traverse down under but for me, I started from scratch with only one intended purpose, to get out and get that amazing shot and return home safely and intact.

The Toyota 4Runner stood out as the perfect choice for my overlanding adventures. Its size and renowned off-road capabilities made it ideal for accommodating not only my family but also Apollo, my loyal German Shepherd, who frequently accompanies me on my photographic escapades.

With the 4Runner in my possession, the meticulous process of transforming it into the ultimate overlanding rig commenced. Here's a glimpse into the key modifications that turned my vehicle into a rolling base camp:

Roof Top Tent by 23Zero:

Opting for a rooftop tent from 23Zero, I ensured a comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement. The added bonus of light suppression technology made it easier to rest even when daylight lingered.

Winch and Extra Lights:

Safety is paramount in the wild, and to handle any sticky situations, I installed a winch on the front bumper. Additional lights were strategically placed to illuminate the path during low-light, inclement weather, and dark driving conditions.

Custom Drawer System:

The heart of my overlanding setup is a meticulously designed drawer system in the rear. This system stores essential items such as a cooking stove, fuel, flashlights, lanterns, bug repellent, and toiletries. The highlight is a slide-out compartment for my Dometic Fridge, a game-changer for extended off-grid trips.

Dedicated Camera Gear Drawer:

As a photographer, securing my gear was of utmost importance. A lockable and padded drawer was crafted specifically for my Sony equipment. Pluck & Pull foam was used to create a snug fit for my a7rv, a7sii, a7c camera bodies, and a selection of lenses including the 24mm f1.4, 12-24mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, and 100-400mm f5.6. This drawer also accommodates filter kits, chargers, extra ball heads, and lens cleaning gear.

The transformation of my Toyota 4Runner into the ultimate overlanding photography rig has been a labor of love. Every modification serves a purpose – from ensuring a comfortable rest under the stars to safeguarding my most precious photographic gear. Now, with a fully equipped vehicle, I'm ready to explore the wild, capture breathtaking moments, and return home safely, all thanks to the synergy of my passion for photography and the capabilities of the Toyota 4Runner.

If you woul like to try some overlanding and get in some epic landscape photogrpahy at the same time, consider joining Stephen Hamm Photography and I on a epic overlanding workshop.

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