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Death Valley & Alabama Hills Landscape Photography Workshop

Unveil the Extraordinary: Death Valley & Alabama Hills Landscape Photography Workshop!


Calling all photography enthusiasts and adventurers! Embark on a captivating journey to an iconic landscape that promises to ignite your creativity and elevate your photography skills. Join us for an immersive Death Valley & Alabama Hills Landscape Photography Workshop that will leave you awestruck and inspired!


Adventure Dates

February 8th–12th, 2024


Limited to a small group of 6 students to ensure that everyone receives 1:1 attention

Experience Level

All skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, are invited to participate in this inclusive photography workshop.


This workshop will involve moderate hiking, covering a distance of up to 1 miles, across diverse terrain including rocky and sandy paths.



Scenes so epic and dramatic, they have been used for numerous Westerns and modern movies.


Take your astrophotography skills to the next level with new techniques. Using a star tracker gets us more detail without the noise.


Capture the night sky in a new way. Learn how to capture the color and movement of the stars as they uniquely trail through the sky.


The intricate arrangement of large rocks, arches, and narrow passageways within the labyrinth creates a captivating setting for stunning photography.

Reserve your place now to guarantee your spot in this exclusive workshop that promises to unlock your creative potential.


Death Valley's Mystique

Step into the surreal realm of Death Valley National Park, where vast salt flats, towering sand dunes, and otherworldly badlands await your lens. Capture the stark beauty of a landscape shaped by extremes–from scorching heat to ethereal sunsets that paint the sky in a mesmerizing palette.

Alabama Hills' Hollywood Magic

Wander through the iconic Alabama Hills, a playground for photographers and a backdrop for countless Hollywood films. Against the backdrop of rugged rock formations, create images that echo the grandeur of the Old West and the allure of cinematic adventures

Starry Nightscapes

Experience the awe of capturing the night sky in these pristine environments. Learn the art of astrophotography as you frame the Milky Way against the majestic silhouettes of the Alabama Hills or the vast expanse of Death Valley.

Guidance from Seasoned Photographers

Learn from a team of skilled landscape photographers who have honed their craft in these very landscapes. Gain insights into composition, lighting, and advanced techniques that will transform your photography from ordinary to extraordinary

Golden Hour & Blue Hour Magic

Witness the magic of the golden hours as you capture the interplay of light and shadow against the unique features of Death Valley and Alabama Hills. Stay up after sunset and learn how to infuse your photographs with depth and emotion during these enchanting moments.

The Team

We are excited to share our love of photography, nature, and adventures with you. Please check out our links below to learn more about us.

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Included in the Workshop



– Scouting and evaluating conditions

– Composing an image to grab the viewer’s attention

– Composing an image with a person in the frame to show scale and tell a story

– How to work with light and how to find the best light for the scene

– Utilizing apps, such as PhotoPills, for more efficient planning

– Choosing the right lens, find your focal length

– How and when to use filters

– How to shoot with a plan or vision for editing


- Creative light painting techniques to bring your vision to life

– How to use and capture moonlight in your night scenes

– Histogram: How to read for perfectly exposed images

– Exposure control: How to use ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed in different scenarios

– Creative ways to use lens distortion

– Focus stacking & Focal Length Blends

– Bracketing and exposure blending

– Focusing at night to capture pin-sharp stars and foreground

– Blue Hour Blending: How to capture blue hour & Milky Way

– Stacking for Noise Reduction:  how to shoot the proper frames to stack


– Lightroom and Photoshop: Learn our post-processing workflow

– How to blend multiple images in Photoshop (Blue Hour Blends, Focal Length Blends, Exposure Blends, Composites)

– Luminosity Masks

– Dodging and Burning

– Blue-hour Blends

– Star-stacking: how to edit starry night skies with Starry Landscape Stacker (or Sequator)

– Understanding layers and masks

– Finishing touches using clone stamp and removing distractions

– Creating Orton glows and painting with light   

– Sharpening: Creating sharpness in your final image

Subsequent to our field sessions, a comprehensive post-workshop editing session awaits. During this session, each instructor will meticulously guide you through their complete editing workflow—an opportunity of exceptional value. The most advantageous aspect is that you can comfortably absorb these insights as everything is meticulously screen recorded, permitting you to revisit and review the material at your preferred pace.

Breakfast and Dinner will be CHEF cooked on-site. Yes, we have our very on Chef on the road with us. Lunch and snacks, will be not be provided. 

Honoring Those Who Serve

 Discounted Rates for Active and Former Military as well as First Responders, contact me for more information. 

Honoring Those Who Serve

Discounted Rates for Active and Former Military as well as First Responders, contact me for more information. 


Availability is limited, and reservations are first-come, first-served. The workshop is supported by a duo of accomplished photography instructors who will be in attendance throughout its duration. This setup ensures personalized, one-on-one guidance, allowing you to enhance specific areas of your skill set that you wish to refine.

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